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Event Date: 23rd Feb 2017 | 17:00

Barbara Honigmann Reading

IMLR, University of London Senate House, Room G35

Author Reading and Discussion. Born in East Berlin in 1949, Barbara Honigmann is one of the most distinguished German-language writers of the post-war generations. The daughter of German-Jewish exiles to Britain, she began her career as a theatre director and writer in the GDR and, in 1984, moved to France, where she continues to write in German. In novels such as the most recent 'Chronik meiner Strasse' (2015), she engages with the complex subjectivity of her Jewishness, her rootedness in German language and literature and her new life in France. Barbara Honigmann will discuss her work with Robert Gillett (Queen Mary, University of London) in English.

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