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Event Date: 9th Jun 2016 | 09:00

Celebrations. ‘Festkultur’ in Austria

IMLR, University of London, Senate House, Room G35

This conference, organised by Deborah Holmes (Salzburg) and Florian Krobb (Maynooth), offers insights into Austrian 'Festkultur' - from Habsburg court ritual to the media spectacles of the present day, from 'Volksfeste' to festivals of high culture and classical music. Confirmed speakers include ANDREW BARKER (Edinburgh); ALYS GEORGE (NYU); ROBERT KNIGHT (Loughborough); HEIDE KUNZELMANN (Kent/IMLR, London); FATIMA NAQVI (Rutgers); CAITRONA N DHILL (Durham); RITCHIE ROBERTSON (Oxford); SIGURD PAUL SCHEICHL (Innsbruck); NICOLE STREITLER-KASTBERGER (Graz); GAR YATES (Exeter)

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