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Event Date: 22nd Feb 2017 | 18:15

Costume design: Amour Fou (12A) + ScreenTalk with Tanja Hausner

Barbican Centre

Film Showing and Discussion Loosely based on the double suicide of poet and playwright Heinrich von Kleist and his friend Henriette Vogel in 1812, Jessica Hausner’s unique take on the romantic comedy speculates about what may have come before such a passionate act. Was it not because of a ‘mad love’, but rather the result of banal misconceptions about oneself and the other? With bemusement and sympathy, the film observes its protagonists in the context of the Prussian upper class and its stiff ritualistic gatherings. These are rendered as carefully composed tableaus, in which the colours and patterns of Tanja Hausner’s costumes are carefully matched with the interior decoration of the rooms to underline the film’s aim at creating an ironic distance to its story and the period film genre. We are very pleased to welcome costumer designer Tanja Hausner to talk after the screening about her work on this film. Austria 2014, colour, 94 mins. Directed by Jessica Hausner.

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