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Event Date: 7th Nov 2015 | 20:00


The Place

8.00 Image (Natalie Reckert) 9.15 Chivalry is Dead (Alex Deutinger and Alexander Gottfarb)   8pm Natalie Reckert (Germany) Image Voguing meets electro-robotics in Natalie Reckert’s highly skilled solo, a proper fusion of handbalancing and dance. Innovative and inventive, Image is an outstanding feat of handstand endurance. If the German electronic band Kraftwerk made circus it would look something like this. About Natalie Reckert "It all started when I was five years old and watched the Chinese State Circus on TV. In no time I tried to perform the tricks that the acrobat girls showed on TV in our living room. In the following eleven years I was able to perfect my acrobatic skills in the local sports acrobatics club. Led by the vague desire to perform on stage I later applied to the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, where I graduated in 2007. In 2009 I undertook a study year at the Visions in Motion school for contemporary dance in Kassel, Germany. I have been working as a handstand artist since 2007 performing for Variety shows, theatre and dance companies as well as making my own work. " Image is supported by Kulturamt Stadt Kassel and the Goethe Institut.   9.15pm Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb (Austria and Sweden) Chivalry is Dead When two men take the Y out of irony, all they are left with is iron. Alex Deutinger and Alexander Gottfarb, in full body armour, question the prevalence of knightly valour and blood-spattered fantasy in TV and gaming. With no horse, no damsels, no enemies – how can they keep up their medieval ideas of morals and manliness now? Must chivalry come to a clanking halt? About Alex Deutinger and Alexander Gottfarb Alexander Deutinger studied Translation and Interpreting at Karl-Franzens University, Graz and Contemporary Dance at Anton Bruckner University, Linz. As a performer he has worked, among others, with Oleg Soulimenko, Christine Gaigg, Anna Mendelssohn. Since 2008 he has been creating his own works together with Marta Navaridas. Alexander Gottfarb studied dance at the Stockholm Ballet Academy. As a performer he has worked, among others, with Chris Haring/liquid loft, Elio Gervasi and Iztok Kovač. S Chivalry is Dead is supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Wien, Stadt Graz Kultur, Kultur Land Steiermark, Bundeskanzleramt and The Place. Alex Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb are AerowavesTwenty 15 artists.

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