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Event Date: 11th Oct 2015 | 19:30

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Theatre N16

An adaptation of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (The Master Singers of Nuremberg) will be premiered at Theatre N16 in Balham, London, on 11 October 2015, with shows running daily until 15 October.   At four-and-a-half hours in length, the original opera is one of composer Richard Wagner's most famous works. In this new adaptation written and directed by Ella Marchment, Meistersingers has been reduced to a streamlined ninety-minute “play with songs” to make the work more accessible and enjoyable for fringe-theatre audiences.   Ella has also brought the work forward in time and given it a World War Two setting that directly challenges the obsession Hitler had with Wagner’s works. This is the first time this opera has been performed as a play–opera. Starring Alison Latham and Robin Pieta, Meistersingers is a rollicking rom-com that follows the trials and tribulations of Walther (Robin Pieta) as he struggles to win the heart of his one true love, Eva (Alison Latham), by winning a singing competition in which Eva’s hand in marriage is being offered up as the prize. The central figures are supported by Shaun Aquillina as the slightly magical cobbler Sachs;  Daniel Anderson as the unctuous Beckmesser (a man who tries to steal Eva away from Walther);  Rachel Maby as Eva’s maid Magdalena; Benjamin Castle-Gibb as Magdalena’s lover David; and Richard Richie as Eva’s misguided but ultimately loving father Pogner.   “We’ve taken some liberties with Wagner’s opera, and tried to make the work far more magical, funny, and engaging,” says writer–director Ella Marchment. “At its heart, you have a genuinely comic work that focuses on Walther’s pursuit of Eva, Eva’s pursuit of Walther, and Sachs’s plotting and scheming to make sure that Beckmesser cannot win the singing competition in which Eva’s hand in marriage is being offered as a prize. The story is part fairy tale and part rom-com, with the cobbler Sachs acting as a sort of fairy-godmother figure to Eva. It is Sachs’s mission to make sure that Eva goes home with the right man after the ball.”

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