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Event Date: 26th Apr 2016 | 19:30

Emilia Galotti 26 April – 14 May

The Space 269 Westferry Road London E14 3RS

In the searing summer heat of Italy, the simple Emilia Galotti prepares for her wedding. In the Palace, a Prince broods over this beauty he cannot attain. When it is required, will the middle-classes rise up against their masters? Gotthold Ephraim Lessing’s Emilia Galotti is a tale of absolute power, lust and honour. Rarely performed in English, Ottisdotter Productions revive their production of this ‘indefensible psychological horror’. Considered to be as famous as Hamlet in its native Germany, this Enlightenment-era tragedy tells the story of the virtuous Emilia, whose wedding day starts a chain of events which unravel apace. Based on the Roman myth of Verginia and Lessing’s own Saxon state, the play shows the limitless excess of the aristocracy and the will of the ordinary people to resist unjust force. Goethe says that Emilia Galotti is “the deciding step towards a morally inspired opposition against tyrannical autocracy,” and in later years he praised it as an excellent work, a piece full of intelligence, of wisdom and of deep understanding of the world. Ottisdotter Productions is a collaboration producing rare and obscure classic works which explore the role of women in society. Ottidotter’s production is an adaptation of R. Dillon Boylan’s 1878 translation of Emilia Galotti.

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