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Event Date: 10th Jan 2019 | 00:00

Exhibition: Operation Earnest Voice

PHOTOGRAPHERS' GALLERY 16–18 Ramillies Street W1F 7LW London

The Photographers' Gallery exhibition All I Know Is What’s On The Internet presents work of contemporary artists seeking to visualise and question the dynamics of image production in the 21st century.

Operation Earnest Voice by Jonas Lund is a four-day performative installation that uses social media to disrupt, influence and manipulate public opinion. It aims to explore the discursive power of the image in a world in which accountability and truth has been forgotten.
The installation consists of a fully staffed office which will operate as a ‘troll farm’ whose task is to reverse Brexit using an array of tools and strategies, from the creation of memes to the weaponisation of fake followers. The worker-performers in the office will be skilled social media marketing experts, meme and image makers, copywriters, programmers and hackers.
Visitors to the installation will be able to witness the manipulative power of collective social media action at work. Online audiences will also be able to experience with the project, which will be live streamed via gaming platform Twitch, along with the Gallery’s social media channels.
We are happy to support Jonas Lund’s project.

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