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Event Date: 26th Feb 2020 | 19:00


Goethe-Institut London 50 Princes Gate Exhibition Road London SW7 2PH United Kingdom


Based on the memoirs of the popular German comedian Hape Kerkeling, whose childhood in the Ruhr area was shaped by coal dust and the carnival season, the story told in All About Me is funny, sad, and warm all in one. The young Hans-Peter (later nicknamed Hape) realises early that he has the gift of being able to make others laugh: his grandparents, the customers at his grandmother's general store, his fun-loving relatives, the parents of his classmates. But the person he most wants to see happy is his mother. Yet, his jokes and antics seem to succeed less and less with her.

The critic of Der Spiegel Elena Meilicke called the film “heart wrenching” (herzzerreißend) and Oliver Kaever of the weekly Die Zeit described it as of the “most moving tragic-comedies” to come to cinemas before Christmas 2018 “as if it’s nothing”. Yet, this gentle and funny film by Oscar-winning director Carole Link (Nowhere in Africa), which lovingly captures the milieu of West Germany’s former industrial area in the early 1970s is not a tear jerker. With much care for details and lovingly drawn characters, she depicts a surprisingly open-minded, affectionate and fun loving circle of family, friends and neighbours. But at the same time she shows the pressure on mothers and wives to keep the family running, something that Hans-Peter’s mother finds more and more difficult. The grand-mothers step in, also exhausting themselves, but they can never resist’s their grand-son’s formidable talent for imitation and turning a situation into a stage for himself.


Germany 2018, colour, DCP, 100 min. With English subtitles.
Director: Caroline Link, Screenplay: Ruth Toma, based on the book by Hape Kerkeling. With Luise Heyer, Sönke Möhring, Diana Amft, Joachim Król, Elena Uhlig, Maren Kroymann, Julius Weckauf, Ursula Werner, Theresa Schneider, Katharina Hintzen.

Caroline Link was born in 1964 in Bad Neuheim, Germany. She first experienced working in the film business in 1984, when she interned at Munich’s Bavaria Studios after finishing gymnasium and spending one year abroad in the United States. Beginning in 1986, she studied filmmaking at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF) and graduated in 1990. Her films include Beyond Silence (1996), Pünktchen und Anton (1999), and the Academy-Award winning Nowhere in Africa (2001).

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