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Event Date: 16th Feb 2016 | 18:30

Germany and the making of the new Europe, presented by Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint

Skeel Lecture Theatre, People’s Palace, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Campus, London, E1 4NS

A Special Lecture: "Germany and the making of the new Europe" Presented by Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint Organised in association with the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations at Queen Mary University of London. About the lecture Germany regained its position at the centre of Europe with its reunification and with the EU's enlargement to the east. Germany has changed radically since the Second World War. It is more comfortable with its identity and with its place in Europe - more so than either France or Britain. Yet its leadership of the new European project remains reluctant - even though it is inevitable. This lecture seeks answers to the questions this poses: how will Germany cope with the many challenges Europe faces? How will others cope with its role in meeting those challenges? And what does this all mean for the future of Europe on the world stage of the twenty first century? Meet Lord Green Lord Green began his career with the British Government’s Ministry of Overseas Development and then joined The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1982. In 1992, he became Group Treasurer of HSBC Holdings plc with responsibility for the HSBC Group’s treasury and capital markets businesses globally. He was then subsequently appointed to the Board of HSBC Holdings plc as Executive Director, Investment Banking and Markets, Chief Executive in 2003, and Group Chairman in 2006. In addition to this he is Chairman of the Natural History Museum, Chairman of the International Advisory Council of the British Chambers of Commerce and is a member of the House of Lords EU Select Committee. Lord Green has written four books – Serving God? Serving Mammon? [1996] Good Value, Choosing a Better Life in Business [2009], Reluctant Meister - How Germany's Past is Shaping its European Future [2014] and The European Identity – Historical and Cultural Realities We Cannot Deny [2015]. Go to the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations website for an exclusive Book offer!

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