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Event Date: 28th Sep 2019 | 20:00

Halbwelt Kultur

The Other Place, 12 Palace Street, SW1E 5JA

Halbwelt Kultur is a new musical cabaret which presents snapshot vignettes of seven highly influential Weimar Republic women set against the sound of the period's finest songs and the backdrop of the rise of World War II. 'The German is gross in his immorality. He likes his halbwelt, his underworld pleasures, to be devoid of any kultur, of any refinement.' Halbwelt Kultur conjures, recreates, and pays homage to seven legendary women from the intriguing, tantalising and scandalous Weimar Republic. Featuring a live band and seven beautiful women, the show immerses the audience in Weimar history and culture, both artistic and political. It narrates stories of the actresses, singers, writers and revolutionaries who became the icons of their various fields, and stitches monologue with some of the best cabaret songs of all time to form a rich tapestry of Weimar life. Tap into the life of courtroom journalist Gabriele Tergit as she returns home to a trail of destruction at the hands of the SS; pay a visit to Marlene Dietrich as you discover things you never knew about this Hollywood icon; salute socialist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg as she rallies the troops from within her prison walls and indulge in a provocative performance by the alcoholic drug addict Anita Berber.

Matinee at 3.30p.m.

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