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Event Date: 22nd Jan 2019 | 08:30

The Kindertransport 80 Years On – Symposium

Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London South Wing Gower Street London WC1E 6BT United Kingdom

SYMPOSIUM Programme (22-24 January 2019 at UCL London)

Organised by Michael Berkowitz, Jennifer Craig-Norton, Anita Grosz, 

Andrea Hammel and Lesley Urbach

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

          8:30am            Registration

            9:30am            Welcome Speech: Professor Mary Fulbrook

Émigrés, Child Survivors, and the Holocaust”

            10:00am          Lord Stanley Baldwin Speech (Professor Michael Berkowitz)

            10:30am          Panel 1:  Caring and Adaptation in Kinder Lives

·        Andrea Hammel: “The Continental Birth Parents: a Challenging Topic in Kindertransport Research”

·         Rose Holmes: “Intimacy, Domesticity and Gender: Caring for the Kinder”

·        Jane Brooks: “Nursing Lives and Work of Young Jewish Girls who Escaped on the Kindertransports”

13:00pm         Panel 2:  Archive and Testimony

·        Barbara Warnock and Annie Cohen: “The Experiences of the Kindertransportees: Evidence from the Archives of The Wiener Library”

·        Jennifer Craig-Norton: “Kindertransportee Case Files: Archival Discoveries and Narratives”

·        Bea Lewkowicz:  “’We were thrown around by the tides of history':  The experience of the Kindertransport in oral history testimony”

14:30pm         Panel 3:  Representing the Kindertransport

·        Marie-Catherine Allard:  “Modelling Bridges between Past and Current Issues of Forced Migration: Frank Meisler’s Memorial Sculpture Kindertransport-The Arrival

·        Claudia Linda Reese and Louise Stafford:  “A Fresh Perspective on the Representation of the Kindertransport: Challenges and Opportunities of Converting an Immersive Exhibition into a Digital Learning Experience”

·        Chloe Turner:  “Exhibiting Kindertransport Online: The Educational Role of Online Museums in Interpreting Kindertransport”

            16:30pm         Panel 4:  Rupture and Trauma in Forced Migration of Children

·        Anita Grosz:  “An Artistic Response to the Impact of Transgenerational Trauma from Forced Dislocation”

·        Catherine Appleton:  “The Wounds of Separation: A Graphic Memoir about Forced Migration”

·        Jon Blend and Roz Carroll:  “Improvisation as Representation: Diaspora Stories Re-enacted”

19:30-              Evening Event at Senate House, MacMillan Hall, University of London

20:45pm         Diane Samuels: Theatre of Separation and Survival: The Life and Impact                                         of the play Kindertransport


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

          9:25am         Welcome back

9:30am            Panel 5:  Integration and Resilience

·        Stephanie Homer:  “The Resilience of the Kindertransport Refugee”

·        Ujjwal Krishna:  “Exploring the Integration of Child Refugees in the UK: The Case of the Kindertransport”

·        Eva-Maria Thüne:   “What the Kindertransportees Tell about the Acquisition of English”

11:00am          Keynote Speaker - Ruth Barnett

Interest in the Kindertransport from 1938 to the 50th Anniversary”



13:00pm         Panel 6:  Placement Responses to Persecution

·        Paul Weindling:  “Transplanting Vienna’s Children, December 1938-August 1939. . Differing Expectations between the Place of Persecution and Reception”

·        Nurit Grossman:  “The Emergence of the Kindertransport in Prague – A Unique Endeavor  (Barbican Mission)”

·        Verity Steele:  “Bachad and the Kindertransport”

14:45pm         Panel 7:  The Kindertransport in Literature

·        Sue Vice:  “Forgetting to Remember: Representations of Memory-Loss in Kindertransport Drama and Fiction”

·        Elena Hoffenberg:  “The Other Other: Lore Segal's Her First American (1985)”

·        Angharad Mountford:  “A Real Adventure': The Kindertransport Experience Through the Poetry of Gerda Mayer”

·        Anita Barmettler:  ““My Mother” – Karen Gershon’s Relationship with Her Mother in Her Poems”

17:15pm         Panel 8:  Child Refugee Movements in Other Lands

·        Lilly Maier:  “Rescued Twice: The French Kindertransport”

·        Frank Caestecker: “The Pro-active Protection in Belgium of Minor Aged War Victims and Victims of Persecution During the 1930s: the Case of 6500 Spanish and 1000 German-Jewish Children”

·        Catherine Rymph:  “The United States’ Failed Kindertransport: Child Evacuation and the Wagner-Rogers Bill of 1939”

18:45-              Evening Event & Reception at the Wiener Library

            20:45pm         James Bulgin:   “The Imperial War Museum New Holocaust Exhibition”


Thursday, 24 January 2019

            9:25am            Welcome back

9:30am            Panel 9:  Kinder in Other Lands

·        Sasha Goldstein-Sabbah: “To Save our Brethren in Europe: Baghdadi Transnational Solidarity Networks 1933-1945”

·        Paul Bartrop:  “‘Twice Lucky': Kindertransport Youth Sent to Australia on the Dunera in 1940”

·        Chad McDonald:  “‘I felt drawn there’: Kindertransport Refugees Narrating their Return Visits to Former Hometowns”

11:30am          Plenary Discussion about Future Research Areas

13:15pm         Panel 10:  The Kindertransport and Contemporary Refugees

·        Boaz Cohen:  “Kindertransport for the Enemy: Activism and Historical Relevance”

·        Bill Niven and Amy Williams:  “The Role of Memory of the Kindertransport in the Negotiation of the Refugee Crisis”

·        Carly McLaughlin:  “A Modern-Day Kindertransport?’ World War Two Memory Politics, the Dubs Amendment and Child Refugees in Present-Day Britain”

15:15pm         Panel 11:  Regional and Local Refugee Efforts

·        Mike Levy:  "We Must Save the Children - Jewish Refugees and Local Volunteers in Eastern England 1938-47"

·        Richard Hawkins:  “The Dudley Refugee Committee and the Kindertransport”

·        Lesley Urbach:  “Kinder at Wyberleye Ladies Convalescent Home - Burgess Hill”

16:45pm         Summary Panel & Closing Remarks


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