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Event Date: 25th Jan 2020 | 19:30


Wyndham's Theatre, Charing Cross Road

Set in Vienna in 1900, Tom Stoppard's new play, directed by Patrick Marber, is an intimate drama with an epic sweep; the story of a family who made good. 'My grandfather wore a caftan' says Hermann, a factory owner, 'My father went to the opera in a top hat, and I have the singers to dinner.'

It was not to last. Half a century later, this family, like millions of others, has re-discovered what it means to be Jewish in the first half of the 20th century.

Leopoldstadt is a passionate drama of love, family and endurance. It is Stoppard's most humane and heart-breaking play.

Leopoldstadt runs until 16.5.2020

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