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Event Date: 26th Nov 2019 | 19:00

The Passing of the Third Floor Back: CineClub

Austrian Cultural Forum London 28 Rutland Gate London SW7 1PQ

Terrorised by an evil landlord, the inhabitants of a shabby London boarding house exist precariously on the edge of disaster and despair. But when a new, rather strange lodger (Conrad Veidt) arrives, things seem to mysteriously take a turn for the better.

The film is based on a short story by Jerome K. Jerome. Viertel’s directs this chamber piece with gusto and Veidt’s performance truly shines.

UK 1935, 90 minutes, directed by Berthold Viertel, co-written by Anna Gmeyner (uncredited)


Hollow Triumph
Tuesday, 3 December, 7pm, ACF London

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