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Event Date: 16th Feb 2017 | 19:30

Robert Henke: Lumiere III

Barbican Centre

Music and Laser Performance. Powerful and minimalist, loud and poetic, Berlin-based sound and laser artist Robert Henke presents the world premiere of the third edition of his Lumiére project in which electronic sound compositions perfectly synchronise with lasers for a surrounding audiovisual experience. Lumiére I and II explored the interaction between shapes, music and sound; lasers drew frantic abstract objects to sudden bursts of sound. Lumiére III loses none of this rapidity, but has a new sophistication – the experience is both assaulting yet soothing to the senses. Using high-precision lasers and computer coding algorithms, light dances to drones, glitches and sonic textures. Sounds and synchronised shapes are created by the same underlying code and an audiovisual piece is conceived, an inseparable structure of light and sound. Tristan Perich opens with his new piece Noise Patterns. Part performance, part sound installation, it oscillates, shifts and builds rhythmic patterns with 1-bit digital audio.

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