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Event Date: 1st Jun 2016 | 10:00

Strange and Familiar: Photographers’ Views of Britain

Barbican Art Gallery, Barbican Centre

Four German photographers are among the international artists contributing their "outsiders perspective" on Great Britain to the Barbican’s exhibition Strange and Familiar. The photographs on display show moments of social, cultural and political identity of the United Kingdom. Rather than being influenced by a long term residence within the country, these works were created during travel experiences or the pursuit of personal interests. Two of the German photographers are representatives of the Düsseldorfer Schule, known for unpretentious images in a documentary form. While Candida Höfer is well known for her photographs of public spaces without picturing people, Axel Hütte focusses on architecture. Evelyn Hofer followed up humorous and tender portraits of ordinary citizens of London, and Frank Habicht, as a photographer of the 1960s, portrayed the uninhibited spirit of this time and the anti-war movement. Until 19 June 2016.

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