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Event Date: 6th Jul 2018 | 19:00

Summer Social: Aurora & Arrival City

TOXTETH TOWN HALL Toxteth Town Hall 15 High Park Street L8 8DX Liverpool

In September 2018, Toxteth Reservoir will be transformed into Aurora; an epic, immersive experience reimagining water as the most precious element on earth. Visitors will experience a surprising and astonishing feast for the senses, with artists combining interactive technologies with water to evolve the artwork each day it is live.
In parallel, ARRIVAL CITY presents a portrait of Liverpool, and more specifically Toxteth, as a city of immigration. The project aims to open up conversations about immigration in Liverpool, and offer a chance to address and improve upon the toxicity of popular discourse around migration.
On 6 July, in conjunction with Festival 31Aurora and ARRIVAL CITY are brought to Toxteth Town Hall, a focal point for the social and economic life of many residents with immigrant or refugee backgrounds in the area. The residents of Toxteth are invited to come and participate in an open discussion, in response to a lineup of poets, rappers and musicians offering their viewpoint through their words and sounds: exploring Toxteth’s history, and celebrating residents’ vision of the future.
Alongside, artists Invisible Flock will present an interactive mini maker-faire showcasing some elements of the art and technology that will feature in Aurora, offering a chance to playfully explore the themes behind the project ahead of the launch in September.

This event is part the larger project ARRIVAL CITY on which the Goethe-Institut is working globally with the following cities: Boston and New York, Caracas, Karachi, Lima, Liverpool, Marseille, Mumbai, Prag, San Francisco and Santiago de Chile.

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