Event Date: 7th Nov 2018 | 18:30


FOX'S CAFE LOUNGE 18 Abbey St CA3 8TX Carlisle

“Artbox” from Thessaloniki / Greece and “Awaz Cumbria” from Carlisle / UK are currently jointly developing a public exhibition in both cities, which are based on the two original questions on isolation and identity. At the heart of this Freiraum cooperation are conversations with locals in both cities, in order to give their voices a platform.

The project thus responds to the current specific societal challenges in both places, while furthermore aiming to specifically include the perspectives of minorities and socially marginalised groups. The current idea is to develop sound pieces or documentaries by recording these different voices, which will give a notion of commonalities and differences from the two cities. These soundscapes will be collated in a media exhibition set in Carlisle and Thessaloniki. Ideally they will be made accessible to a wider audience through QR Codes or apps for computers and smartphones. 

A first workshop, looked into the topic of “Engaging with Minority Communities & Socially Marginalised Groups to create Freiraum in Thessaloniki”. It took place in Thessaloniki in mid-April. Representatives of local NGOs and initiatives which work towards the inclusion of refugees, as well as marginalised and socially excluded groups, were invited to participate in the workshop. A panel discussion aimed at sharing good practice models from AWAZ Cumbria and at presenting a first mapping of the situation in Thessaloniki. Also, two artists, Evi Karathanasopoulou from the UK and Thomas Koch from Germany, have been invited as residents to the “Artecitya-Programme” by the Goethe-Institut. As part of their residency they will establish a dialogue between different social groups and minorities from both cities and will transmit their voices to the world. At the end of April the two artists and the curatorial team from ArtBOX will travel to Carlisle in order to engage with local communities there and to further develop the overall-concept of the exhibition.

More information will follow.

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